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As part of the European School of Coloproctology (ESC) within the European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP), the Colorectal Robotic Surgery Working Group (CRS WG) was set up with the aim to benchmark training in robotic colorectal surgery and to optimise patients’ outcomes. 

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Training Pathway

Robotic-assisted surgery is growing in popularity worldwide for malignant and benign colorectal conditions. However, in Europe, scientific societies have yet to establish a standardised training approach that includes criteria for selecting surgeons and units, training components, and data for assessing and auditing outcomes.

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“As robotic surgery continues to develop and cement its value, colorectal specialists around the globe must remain ahead of the curve”
– Professor Dr Klaus Matzel

Educational Events

The European School of Coloproctology Colorectal Robotic Surgery Working Group (ColoRobotica) is delighted to announce that the fourth part of our highly successful webinar series, From basic skills to fine art, had more than 3000 registrations from five continents.

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our latest Publications

Mar 2024

European Society of Coloproctology guideline on training in robotic colorectal surgery (2024)

Samson Tou, Stephanie Au, Cillian Clancy, Steven Clarke, Danielle Collins, Frances Dixon, Elizabeth Dreher, Christina Fleming, Anthony G. Gallagher, Marcos Gomez-Ruiz, Jos Kleijnen, Yasuko Maeda, Katie Rollins, Klaus E. Matzel


Nov 2022

Surgical anatomy of the rectum: a series of video tutorials – a video vignette

Thilo WedelMarcos Gómez RuizSamson TouSigmar StelznerKlaus E. Matzel



ColoRobotica use a variety of different training activities during coloproctology education. These activities are supported by educational grants from our industry partners and other training organisations. ESC/ESCP is responsible for designing the objectives, educational content and delivery.

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ColoRobotica provides coloproctology education to surgeons at various stages of their professional development, from those beginning their colorectal robotic practice to seasoned surgeons. We strive to deliver evidence-based colorectal practices and up-to-date knowledge while placing a strong emphasis on enhancing surgeons’ skills to optimise patient outcomes.

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