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Anastomosis After Rectal Resection

Thursday 01 December 2022 – 17:00 CET – 16:00 GMT

Rewatch our 75-minute event, anastomosis after rectal resection.

Coordinated by the ESCP and delivered by the European School of Coloproctology Colorectal Robotic Surgery Working Group – ColoRobotica. Our experts in colorectal surgery and robotics will be discussing the different methods of anastomosis after rectal resection.

Presentations with:

Iars Profile Picture
Lars Thomas Seeberg

 Double stapled robotic

Jim Khan Profile Picture
Jim Khan

Double stapled with dog ears inverted robotic 

Marcos Gomez Profile Picture
Marcos Gómez Ruiz

Transabdominal single stapler robotic 

Antonino Profile Picture
Antonino Spinelli

Transanal single stapler

Moderated and Commentated by:

Ellen Van Etevelde Profile Picture
Ellen Van Eetvelde
Esther Profile Picture
Esther Consten
Deena Profile Picture
Deena Harji

Rewatch this webinar at escp.eu.com

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