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ColoRobotica began through a meeting of minds, and a will to standardise robotic training. Since then, we have continued to collaborate with Experts, Scientific Societies, Universities, Clinics and Industry Partners worldwide. If you would like to discuss collaboration opportunities, please get in touch.

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“Standardisation of procedures and structured training are key elements to provide a safe service for our patient with best possible outcome”
– Dr Roger Gerjy

featured collaborations

ColoRobotica currently has a number of active collaborations with industry partners and scientific societies, below are a few of our recent and current initiatives.

Proficiency Based Progression

Prof. Tony Gallagher, ORSI Academy’s Director of Research & Learning, has pioneered a novel approach to surgical skill assessment and training. Discover how this method applies proficiency-based progression and quality assurance to enhance learning in colorectal surgery and procedural skills overall.

Marcos Gómez Ruiz - OCERT X at Orsi Academy

At the OCERT X at Orsi Academy, Marcos Gómez Ruiz updated on the ESCP’s strides in robotic surgical training, focusing on the development of standardised learning pathways and scientific societies’ critical role in establishing colorectal surgery training benchmarks.

Global Network

Experts who have contributed to our educational/training activities and their affiliations

Amy Lightner,
Cleveland Clinic,
Ohio, USA

Humanitas Hospital Logo

Antonino Spinelli,
Humanitas Research Hospital,
Milan, Italy

Limerick Hospital Group Logo

Christina Fleming,
University of Limerick Hospital Group,
Limerick, Ireland

StMarks Logo

Danilo Miskovic,
St Mark’s Hospital,
London, England

ETZ Logo

David Zimmerman,
ETZ Hospital,
Tilburg, The Netherlands

NHS Logo

Deena Harji,
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust,
Manchester, England

Bethesda Logo

Gabriela Möslein,
Academic Hospital of the University of Dusseldorf Ev. Bethesda,
Duisburg, Germany

Ghent Uni Logo

Gabrielle van Ramshorst,
Ghent University Hospital,
Ghent, Belgium

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Logo

Julio Garcia-Aguilar,
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center,
New York, USA

George J Chang,
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center,
Texas, USA

Sapporo Med Uni Logo

Ichiro Takemasa,
Sapporo Medical University,
Sapporo, Japan

hospital universitario la paz logo

Ines Rubio-Perez,
Hospital Universitario La Paz,
Madrid, Spain

NHS Wales logo

Jared Torkington,
University Hospital of Wales,
Cardiff, Wales

NHS Logo

Katie Adams,
Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust,
London, England

Vestfold Logo

Lars Thomas Seeberg,
Vestfold Hospital Trust Norway,
Vestfold, Norway

Valdecilla Logo

Lidia Cristobal Poch,
Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla,
Santander, Spain

NHS Logo

Mark Donnelly,
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS,
Sheffield, England

Hospital del Mar Logo

Miguel Pera,
Hospital del Mar,
Barcelona, Spain

Griffin Logo

Nader Francis,
The Griffin Institute,
London, England

Royal college of surgeons of England logo

Neil Mortensen,
Royal College of Surgeons of England,
London, England

Niels Thomassen,
Aalborg University Hospital,
Aalborg, Denmark

Institut du Cancer de Montpellier Logo

Philippe Rouanet,
Institut du Cancer de Montpellier,
Montpellier, France

University of Edinburgh Logo

Richard Skipworth,
University of Edinburgh,
Edinburgh, Scotland

Seon Hahn Kim,
University of Malaya Faculty of Medicine,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sigmar Stelzner,
University Hospital of Leipzig,
Leipzig, Germany

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Logo

Slawomir Marecik,
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital,
Illinois, USA

Steven Yule,
Surgical Sabermetrics Group,
Edinburgh, Scotland

NHS Logo

Stuart Riley,
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS,
Sheffield, England

Takashi Akiyoshi,
The Cancer Institute Hospital of Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research,
Tokyo, Japan.

Thilo Wedel,
Institute of Anatomy, Kiel University,
Kiel, Germany

Amsterdam UMC Logo

Willem Bemelman,
University of Amsterdam,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yves Panis,
Groupe Hospitalier Privé Ambroise Paré-Hartmann,
Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

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