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Pushing the Boundary – Redo Cases Robotically

Thursday 20 April 2023 – 17:00 CEST – 16:00 BST

Who is this event intended for?

Colorectal surgeons, consultants and those interested in pushing the boundaries in robotic surgery.

What is the benefit of attending?

Our experts in colorectal robotic surgery will be revisiting challenging cases robotically, including; Hartmann’s Reversal, Anastomosis and Local Recurrence of Cancer. During the webinar, you will understand how leading surgeons approach these cases and the tips and tricks used to perform these complex procedures.

Presentations with:

Paolo Profile Picture
Paolo Bianchi

Hartmann’s reversal

Carmen Profile Picture
Carmen Cagigas Fernandez

Re-do anastomosis

Jim Khan Profile Picture
Jim Khan

Local recurrence of cancer

Moderated and Commentated by:

Esther Profile Picture
Esther Consten
Christina Profile Picture
Christina Fleming
Croner Profile Picture
Roland Croner

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