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Training robotic LAR: The Do’s and Don’ts…

Thursday 13 October 2022 – 17:00 CET – 16:00 GMT

Rewatch our 75-minute event, training robotic LAR, the do’s and don’ts…

Coordinated by the ESCP and delivered by the European School of Coloproctology Colorectal Robotic Surgery Working Group – ColoRobotica. Our experts in colorectal surgery and robotics will be sharing a proficiency based progression metrics concept for LAR. The phases for LAR, procedure steps, errors and critical errors. Everything you need to do or not do for a successful robotic procedure.

Presentations with:

Antony Profile Picture
Tony Gallagher

 Proficiency based progression metrics concept

Samson Tou Profile Picture
Samson Tou

LAR phases & the relevant phases for RLAR

Lidia Profile Picture
Lidia Cristobal Poch

Steps to a successful RLAR

Marcos Gomez Profile Picture
Marcos GÓmez Ruiz

Errors & critical errors during RLAR

Moderated and Commentated by:

Danilo Profile Picture
Danilo Miskovic
Dr Klaus Matzel Profile Picture
Klaus Matzel
Nader Profile Picture
Nader Francis

Rewatch this webinar at escp.eu.com

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